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A-4 Profitable flights.
Right now, And for the next few months I bet.

There is a 3 partner Trading triangle were an A-4 or T-1 could make money.

  • Deois Industrial District. S 4.156 W26.118
  • (Owner Rana) Alphaville Townhall S4.376 W22.090
  • (Owner Tezzac) TezCo Aknew Mine S11.659 W26.684

Deois → Alphaville About 210 Km under 20 Minutes
Alphaville → TezCo Aknew mine about 450Km 25 minutes
TezCo Aknew Mine → Deois about 390 Km 27 minutes with ACT making me fly all around.

I am flying this in an A-4 today to check the time and total fuel use.
You will not have the same times or fuel usage.
Several people have told me I fly like a Wingnut, Crazy, a man Possessed... You get the idea.
I like to fly As high as I can for as long as I can and tend to aim for a 15-30 degree down angle for descents.

For these flights I plan flew at 16 and 16.5 Km.
The rule for safe flights is “Only ODD people fly east.” So all the 0.5kms are for 000 degrees – 179

Remember the A-4 Has 1 MT of Stowage space so you can move 18 Mt not just the 17 of a cargo pods.
Loading is 4 (Selecting the item number 4 is the marketplace for common 5 is fuel ore and so on).
A line opens on the Tablet on your lap 0 (Stowage) +1
and the main bay is 4 1+17

Next IMPORTANT thing to always remember is the A-4 engines at over powered at sea level.

Any time you have a fuel flow over 2000 Kg/ Hr you are in danger of losing elevator control and stating loops.

When Landing watch out for Extractors, the tall spikes sticking up were you want to land. Bouncing off them is a GOOD way to get thrown to the ground and Die.

The only Empty leg is from Deois to Alphaville. Takes about 20 Minutes including ATC time.
The Market at Alpha sells Common at 2Cr/Mt Tezzac's mine is buying at 40cr/mt ...38*18mt 684Cr
Tezzac sells the fuel ore for 29 Cr/mt The city buys it for 50 … 21*18=378Cr
The entire trip took me JUST over 2 Mt of fuel so Say it take you 3. 519 in Fuel.
684+378-519= 534 Profit in one hour.

Posted by rana on 6 December 2018 at 17:18.

This trip is also Very profitable in the E-10/11 As a bonus If you make this trip and Bring Workers to Alphaville I will pay you 100Cr/head.
Send me A message on my user page that I need to pay you. I want to get the population to 1000 sooner or later.
So that would be only 600 Cr, yes on the empty leg, but sill more then it cost you.

Posted by rana on 24 December 2018 at 18:35.

Alphaville Town hall is no longer selling Common Please go to Mine 10
S4.654 W22.149
APN 36423146

about 14 km south of the townhall


So Bring 2 cr/mt.

Posted by rana on 26 January 2019 at 21:13.

Purchases of common and fabricated materials have now been suspended at TezCo Aknow POL Platform 1. Sales of fuel ore from this location are still active.

Please redirect inbound shipments of fabricated materials to:

TezCo Aknow Refinery - S 11.746 W 026.668 - 350CR/MT

Common is now no longer being purchased by me overall for the time being.

Posted by tezzac on 24 February 2019 at 22:32.