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Mineral Mountain's Rare Mine Is buying.

Yes! you heard that right. For the foreseeable future,

The rare Mine will BUY your

Common/Natural for 100cr/mr
Fabricated for 400cr/mt
Food for 350cr/mt

Located at n35.037 w6.712 Warning the Mine is at 6.06 Km MSL

Plan in advanced for the high elevation.

Plus the Mine is selling rare for the rock low price of 500cr/mt

Imagine the Profits!

WHY even You can make enough in just a weeks you to can buy your own E-10! 

For Better deals Contact Rana about joining Mineral Mountain Madness.

Ask out our Alliance Discount Package and Loaner ships for members. 
Posted by rana on 2 March 2017 at 17:56.