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As some of you are aware, we started the long process of converting the old game server from C++ written 10-15 years ago to C# which is what I work in professionally and opens up a lot of possibilities with relational databases instead of binary data files, a huge library of third-party integrations, and simpler enhancement and modification of things like the economy, inventory, banking, etc.

We started like a month ago. There is even a live stream video we recorded: LiveEdu.tv

Basically as of 4/2 we are recommending that you no longer perform these functions on Server 1 for fear that they won't be re-synchronized to Server 2:

  • Creating alliances or modifying alliance settings like tax rate
  • Creating new colonies (deploying new colony kits)
  • Bidding on or winning auctions (I can make exceptions on this one if you work with me directly ... the stuff we do to the date to keep it posted for a week messes with Server 2)
Posted by reskin (administrator) on 3 April 2017 at 03:14.