A-4 Wanderer

From Rise: The Vieneo Province


The A-4 Wanderer is a light scout aircraft, capable of carrying one cargo PODS or small vehicle.
It is effectively the aerial equivalent of the T-120 Steerhead.
It is the cheapest way for new players to get into the air, with the rental fare from Rusty's Rentals (182 CR) easily earned with one day's work doing taxi runs.


  • Manufacturer: Trimbal-Kneers Aerospace
  • Cargo bays: 1
  • Weapon mounts: 0
  • Service ceiling: ~18 km MSL
  • Top speed: 225 m/s
  • Max fuel load: 9 MT
  • Max range: ?
  • Empty weight: 17,158 kg
  • Max takeoff weight: 41,067 kg
  • Recommended retail price: 1,806,562 CR

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