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The 'Biolock (short for Biometric Lock) is a monitored device that prevents unauthorized persons from entering and taking over a vehicle they do not own or have access to.
The Biolock can be set to an "alliance" which means anyone in the alliance will have access. You may also issue individual "keys" to other players. Both of these can be accomplished through the Player Portal.
A Biolock can be disabled with the lock pick kit but will notify the owner of attempts to disable the system.

Id Category Severity Status Updated Summary
0001669 Vehicles block closed (reskin) 2020-05-19 The new "x" to transfer with automatic displacement "swap" is untenable
0001675 Player Portal feature confirmed (reskin) 2020-05-06 Need a way for players to set their vehicles as "alliance" and issue "keys" to players
0000544 Vehicles tweak closed (reskin) 2018-01-07 Lockpicking too easy on P13, E10
0000545 Vehicles tweak closed (reskin) 2010-01-29 Lockpicking mechanic change
0000366 Framework feature closed (reskin) 2008-09-23 Keep record of previous occupant on biometric security
0000189 Vehicles feature closed (reskin) 2006-12-23 Need a way to remove a player from a vehicle