C-2 Dasher

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The Galanovo C-2 Dasher

Like its predecessor, the redesigned C-2 Dasher is designed to keep its wheels firmly planted on the ground - even when one or more may be climbing an obstacle. Room for two occupants and plenty of cargo, the Dasher is an affordable way to get the job done.

Dimensions Weight Performance
Width: 2.032 m Empty (BOW): 915 kg Top Speed: 150 kph
Length: 3.356 m Fuel: 27 kg Gears: 3
Height: 1.422 m Payload: 183 kg Normal Range: 400 km
Maximum Grade: 45° Horsepower: 147 Seats: 2

Your's to own from only 13,800 CR MSRP!

Used C-2

You can find many older C-2s for sale at Auction or from private sellers.
Some of these gems may be very low usage and some may be almost new.
Galanovo still stands behind most of these older C-2s
But with any used item you buy we suggest buyer beware.

The OLD C-2 Dashboard

The OLD C-2 Dasher

The OLD C-2 Dasher

The difference between the New C-2 and Old C-2

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