Cargo Manifest

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Using the Shift+Up and Shift+Down arrows lets you move a bar that highlights them.
At the bottom it will list what other key combinations can be used to operate the items (load, use, transfer fuel)


The Registry column will show an asterisk ("*") if there is a player on board.


Vehicle Data
  • Empty weight
  • Avionics installed
  • Weapon systems
Fuel Load

Fuel load is listed and is jettison-able directly from the cargo manifest page. However, it may be more desirable to sell it or leave it on a plot so it can be retrieved later.

Cargo Bays

All cargo bays are listed (even if empty).


Your character which is on board as flight crew.


Some vehicles have jump seats and/or passenger seats that can be occupied by colonists in the main cabin
You can load cargo or colonists in this small area, but not both at the same time.

  • C-2 can load 1 MT of cargo or one colonist
  • E-series can load 7 MT or 6 colonists

Any inventory items you have on character (limited to by the strength of your character).


Inventory items assigned to the vehicle: