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Alliance is an official, registered entity that is inclusive of corporations, nations, and labor unions. Benefits vary depending on the alliance but all alliances share the following capabilities...

  • There is always one head of the alliance. This starts as the player who created the alliance. If that player "gives up their chair" the control of the alliance goes to the most senior member of the alliance based on the date they joined said alliance. If there are no other players in the alliance, the alliance is dissolved.
  • Alignment with other players is now dictated on the associations established by head of the alliance. This is with the exception that the alliance head can not override the "partner" relationship (i.e. If the alliance head chooses a alliance member to be a partner, that does not mean that you will treat that player as a partner or vice versa).
  • Assessments (referred to as dues or taxes depending on the type of organization) ensure that the alliance has funding. These assessments are deducted automatically from every income transaction (when you sell goods or services to another player) at a rate established by the head of the alliance.
  • Redistribution of the alliance funds collected may also be established by the head of the alliance (as in profit-sharing groups) and is calculated on a daily basis. The respective percentages for these are posted in your "profile" on the Client Application and are adjustable at any time by the alliance head.

Alliance Funds

Alliances can use funding to help give new players a jump-start for pledging their allegiance. These funds can also be used to organize offensive and defensive goals of the alliance. Alliances can offer protection from powerful players.

Fundamental Types

Alliances can be run as democracies or dictatorships, capitalist or communist societies... it all depends on the leader and the style of taxation and redistribution. They can be economic or militarily driven so ask questions and help keep your leaders accountable.

No matter what type of alliance, the player camaraderie is an underlying purpose.


This is a micro-transaction eligible service which includes 3 custom logo designs to choose from, the wiki page, database storage, portal access, bank access, vehicle assignment, etc.


You may join an alliance if you are not already a member of an alliance and the alliance head has you tagged as an "ally". Double-click the alliance head on the contact list of the Client and hit the Join button to join today! (Note: The alliance head must be online at the time).


You may leave an alliance at any time. The head of the alliance similarly can remove you from their alliance at any time.

Special Scenario

Members of an alliance that terminate their subscription gift any remaining bank funds (after all debts are settled with the bank) to the alliance head (for redistribution, if applicable).

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