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Starting a Colony



You may re-zone a plot by demolishing existing structures and deploying a new project.


The able-bodied working colonist accounts for 66% of the overall population. In all cases in this section we are referring to this pool. The township further reduces this pool by 25% for infrastructure.

Minimum Colonists

There is a minimum number of laborers required for day-to-day operations and management. Without this compliment there will be no production.

Construction Workers

Laborers used to construct new structures are taken from the laborer pool and can affect whether or not the minimum colonist threshold above is maintained.

Production and Transfer of Goods

Any laborers in the laborer pool not comprising of the minimum colonist pool or construction worker pool can be used for production or transfer of goods. Allocation of 100% of available laborers to transfer of goods means no one is producing but the minimum compliment is still maintained for day-to-day operations.


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