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DIHV compared to E-10 (concept)

The DIHV ship (desgination T-55) is a FTL (faster-than-light) vehicle used to transfer large amounts of passengers and materials between star systems. The DIHV ship currently docks with TAC when visiting Vieneo and is the only stop in the Yonmaran System.

The DIHV ship was invented and constructed as a military initiative by the United Stellar Republic through association with Luminauticon.

The DIHV ship does not exceed the speed of light in the strictest sense. It uses extra dimensional space in order to move between points in three dimensional space faster than light does. These extra dimensions are described in M-theory, which unites the constituent parts of Super String Theory, which in turn unites Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity.

Operational History

  • 3177-A (USV Terrania) has been in service since March 24, 2231
  • 3811-A (USV Valley Forge) is scheduled to start service on August 16, 2244

Version History

Id Category Severity Status Updated Summary
0001327 Vehicles minor closed (reskin) 2019-08-06 DIHV arrival confusion
0001309 Vehicles trivial confirmed (reskin) 2019-04-28 Sinker will not track the DIHV ship
0000552 Vehicles trivial acknowledged (lambert) 2019-04-25 DIHV (Exterior) - remastering project
0001308 Vehicles minor closed (reskin) 2019-04-23 DIHV ship says it arrived in newspaper but it is not here yet
0000804 Docks minor closed (lambert) 2018-10-15 DIHV ship navigation lights might be reversed?
0000586 Vehicles trivial closed (reskin) 2018-04-06 DIHV (Exterior) - needs to be rotated for new orientation
0000684 Vehicles minor closed (reskin) 2017-07-01 DIHV ship ground track
0000704 GUI major closed (reskin) 2017-03-18 DIHV on ground with UI
0000056 Docks tweak closed (reskin) 2008-11-21 DIHV comes between 8.35 and 35.65 hours (you said 10-34 so I did closest int)
0000111 Vehicles minor closed (reskin) 2006-12-23 DIHV nosecone.wld has aliasing problem with DIHVengine.wld