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Template:Infobox Company PODS is an ackronym for Portable On Demand Storage and represents not only the company founded in 1998 on Earth but more importantly is synonymous with the cargo containers exclusively used throughout the Yonmaran system. PODS pioneered the concept of a portable storage container. The container is brought empty to the customer's home, where the customer loads it with their belongings and lock it themselves with their own padlock. Then PODS takes the container to the local warehouse for storage until it is delivered to the customer again. Customers can also keep the container onsite. PODS also provides moving options for short or long distance moves and can often provide packing and loading options as well.


Peter Warhurst and Roy Courtney launched a mini-storage business in 1996, shortly after the introduction of the concept by Door to Door Storage of Seattle, WA. They then conceived of a pick-up-and-delivery service using less expensive land for the actual storage. Though some competitors used wooden crates, they wanted a more weather-resistant box. New partners, David Revelia and Bill Ash, came on board and a new kind of storage industry was born. The founders designed a portable weather-resistant container for delivery and placement at ground level in order to ease loading. They also created and patented a hydraulic lift system, referred to within the company as "Podzilla", designed to significantly reduce shift of contents and securely transport the container. Within the first two years, the company grew well beyond the Tampa Bay Area with 14 locations in Florida, half of them franchised.


The original franchise agreements were for markets with populations of 400,000 requiring an investment of up to $1.5 million. PODS receives a fee of $75,000 and 10% of revenues for billing, marketing, and call center support from the Clearwater corporate headquarters. Newer franchises are smaller, for markets of 200,000 or fewer.

The largest franchisee, owns franchises in Florida, Colorado, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, Texas and Minnesota. Template:Fact

The PODS Brand Container

There are over 308,563 PODS containers in use at last update.
PODS containers come in two sizes.
1) Approximately 8 feet high, approximately 8 feet wide, 12 feet long.
.....This size may accommodate 1-2 rooms.
2) Approximately 8 feet high, approximately 8 feet wide, 16 feet long.
.....This size may accommodate 3-4 rooms.

They are manufactured by PODS with a steel frame construction and marine grade wood interior. An engineer certified that the sturdy, weather resistant container can withstand a wind velocity of up to 110 miles per hour while partially full.

Approximate Measurements
Exterior Overall Dimensions 12 foot 16 foot
In Feet:
Length 12' 16'
Width 8' 8'
Height 8' 8'
In Inches:
Length 145 1/4 193 1/4
Width 92 1/2 92 1/2
Height 101 101
Interior Nominal (not taking interior beams into consideration)
In Inches:
Length 141 1/4 189 1/2
Width 90 90
Height 95 3/4 95 3/4
In Feet
Square Feet 88 118
Cubic Feet 706 945
Interior Clear (taking interior beams into consideration)
In Inches:
Length 138 186
Width 83 83
Height 90 1/2 90 1/2
In Feet
Square Feet 80 107
Cubic Feet 603 807
Door Opening
In Feet:
Width 6 ft 8 in 6 ft 8 in
Height 6 ft 4 in 6 ft 4 in
In Inches:
Width 82 82
Height 77 1/8 77 1/8
Empty Weight 1750 lb. 2000 lb.
Unit Load (PSF) 83.3 lb. 78.1 lb
Total Load 8,000 lb. 10,000 lb.

The floor of the container is 4 inches off the ground. It is equipped with a roll-up door at one end. The roof/ceiling is made from a translucent plastic to allow light to enter the container from above. They are manufactured at several company factories nationwide at a rate of one about every 20 minutes.


There are a number of competitors in the portable storage business:

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