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== External Links==
== External Links==
* [http://portal.risetvp.com Player Portal]
* [https://portal.risetvp.com Player Portal]

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The Player Portal is a website that allows players to remotely manage a growing number of tasks for their colonies and alliances.


To manage a colony through the Player Portal the colony must have a functioning up-link installed OR the player must be present (on the plot).

Supported Tasks

  • Set the reserve quantity of each commodity
  • Set the selling price of each commodity
  • Set the buying price of each commodity
  • Set the maximum desired quantity of each commodity

Transfers 2.0

  • The ability to manage transfers through the Intermedia menu has been deprecated
  • You will be able to transfer the same commodity to more than one location
  • You will be able to transfer commodities to plots other than plots that are immediately adjacent

External Links