Police Station

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This article is primarily for the police station and impound lot in Deois. For the orbital facility, see YSP.

  • Chief of Police: JAMES PENN
  • Officers: 153
  • Detectives: 2

Parking Violations

If you park illegally, your vehicle will get a "tow" flag in the IVR system. Any player who brings your vehicle to the impound lot can claim a fee based on a schedule (minimum of 50 CR). If you catch it before the vehicle is actually towed to the impound you can remove the flag for 50 CR.

Impound Lot

If your vehicle is reported stolen or flagged for tow (and subsequently towed, see above) you will find your vehicle here. The fees to get it out of the impound are based on a schedule (minimum of 111 CR plus a minimum fee per day for storage).

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