Rusty's Rentals

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Rusty's rents and sells vehicles.


Last updated: March 20, 2232


Vehicles Daily Rate Sale Price
C-2 11 CR 7,258 CR
T-120 24 CR 15,574 CR
MuVER 42 CR 27,510 CR
A-4 182 CR 120,988 CR
E-10 Unavailable 688,113 CR
P-13 Unavailable 409,508 CR


  • JVC Radio: 120 CR (available for all vehicle types)
  • Remote Assay: 13,989 CR (available only in aircraft and aerospace vehicles)

Rental Return

  • To return your vehicle, please leave the vehicle in the confines of Rusty's lot.
  • If you do not purchase fuel to fill the fuel tank you will be assessed a premium rate (15%) for fuel.