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The Sinker is a guided crackling red and blue projectile that does little damage but instead temporarily incapacitates some of the target ship's systems, blanking out some of the cockpit displays. If used during a landing approach, it can cause a less-experienced pilot to crash and be destroyed for much less cost than the Longarm missile. It uses Iagreous fuel as ammunition, so can sustain fire for as long as the ship carrying it can stay in the air. The reload time is independent of that of other weapons on board, so it is commonly used in conjunction with a Fuzer.

The sinker uses approximately 4.5 kg of fuel per shot. Judging by the estimated calorific value of Iagreous fuel, each shot can carry a maximum of around 889kJ of energy - compare this to 4.18MJ for a kg of TNT.

Hardpoint Weight: 281.6 kg