Tow Illegal Vehicles

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Here is a nice little tutorial on towing, which I have found to be a great way to make some money for newbies.

  1. Find your way to Rusty's Rentals. You will need cash on hand, at least 24 credits.
  2. Once you get to Rusty's, follow the menu prompts in the upper right HUD - 1)rental, 1)ground, 3)Steerhead. (I rent mine just one day at a time.) type 1(or however many days you want it for) ENTER and a new truck should spawn somewhere nearby.
  3. On the dash of your car, in the minimap computer, there will be a list beginning with "Waypoint", then some numbers below that. Press TAB untill the YELLOW number comes up. That should be your truck you just rented. Press x and it should place you into the truck.
  4. Drive around. Find some cars that are parked in the street. Select a car by using TAB and scan it using S.
  5. It should add a line to your vehicles list on the bottom HUD. Check if the line sais SEE REVS, if it does the vehicle (IVR) number is gonna be listed on REVS. See if it says "Vacant" or Occupied". If it doesn't say either, move closer to the car(Watch out they have HUGE collision boxes) and scan it again. If it says "Vacant" you can tow it to the auction house for a nice 108 credit fee. If it says "Occupied", you should be able to tow it to the apartment for a 50 credit fee(I haven't actually tried this - I stick with the "Vacant" ones).
  6. OK, so you've got a vacant car that is tagged SEE REVS. With it still selected in the minimap thingy, press Shift L to load it onto your truck.
  7. Drive to the vBay Auction house
  8. Once you are at the auction house, select "PODS" in the Organizer, and select the car that is in your cargo bay. Take note of the car number at the begining of the line. With that line highlighted, press Shift U to unload the car.
  9. Select menu option 3 (Upper right HUD) and type in IVR and then the car number. example: IVR 1234 ENTER
  10. If it all was successfull, it should give you 108 credits!
Credit for the original tutorial goes to wetwarev7 minor changes and adittions with the port to the Wiki