Tow Illegal Vehicles

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Here is a nice little tutorial on towing, which I have found to be a great way to make some money for newbies.

  1. Find your way to Rusty's Rentals. You will need cash on hand, at least 190 CR.
  2. Once you get to Rusty's, follow the menu prompts in the Intermedia (upper right) 1] Rental->1] Ground->3] Steerhead
To rent just one day at a time, type "1" (or however many days you want it for) and press "ENTER". Rusty's will then tell you the IVR of the vehicle you now have access to nearby.
  1. On the dash of your car, in the minimap computer, there will be a list beginning with "WAYPT", then some numbers below that. Press TAB until the YELLOW number comes up. That should be your truck you just rented. Press "x" and it should place you into the truck. Another way to identify the truck is by its IVR number in this list. The IVR number is provided by Rusty's Rentals in the chat area of the display when a rental fee has been paid. The IVR number corresponds to one of the numbers in the list that includes WAYPTS.
  2. Drive around. Find some cars that are parked in the street. Select one by using the "TAB" key and scan it by hitting "S".
  3. Your scanner will come up on the Multi-function Display. Check if the line says SEE REVS, if it does the vehicle (IVR) number is going to be listed on REVS. If the organizer lists the car as "Vacant" you can tow it to the auction house for a nice 170 CR fee (depending on the condition of the car). If it says "Occupied", you must first "displace" the offending player from the vehicle.
  4. OK, so you've got a vacant car that is tagged SEE REVS. To load the car into your truck, highlight it in the contacts list and hit "Shift+L". You should then see it in a bay on your Cargo Manifest.
  5. Drive to the vBay auction house
  6. Once you are at the auction house, select the bay on the Cargo Manifest and hit "Shift+U" to unload it. The car should now appear in your contact list again indicating that it has been unloaded from your truck.
  7. Select menu option 3 Intermedia (upper right) and type in IVR and then the car number. example: IVR 1234 and press "ENTER"
  8. If it all was successful, it should give you 170 CR!

Once you have mastered towing cars around Deois with the T-120, try towing cars with an A-4! The mechanics for loading and unloading are the same in an A-4 and its a great way to learn to fly while still making money to pay for gas with a little profit left over. Remember that the A-4 consumes fuel much faster than a T-120, so even though you might be able to tow cars more quickly, it also means that you are burning fuel at a greater rate. Whether the cost is worth the benefit is up to you!