Town hall

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The town hall is the seed building for a township colony.


Townships have residental areas and are capable of supporting up to 4000 colonists. More then half (66%) of the active colonists are suited as workers (adults) and help the township to either produce or refine.


Refining is the action of extracting Iagreous fuel from fuel ore. Your town can produce 4.08MT of fuel a day for every 140 active workers (not assigned to building / transferring). To produce 4.08MT of fuel rougly 8.8MT of Fuel Ore is refined.


Colonists that are producing turn Natural and Rare materials into Fabricated materials that can be used for building stuff. Your town can produce 80MT of Fabricated materials a day for every 100 workers assigned to this job. To produce 80MT of Fabricated materials, your town will consume roughly 81.6MT of Natural Materials and roughly 4.9MT of Rare Materials.