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Excerpt from Deois - Opportunities Await!, pamphlet, distributed 2243/44

Welcome to Vieneo, and welcome to the City of Deois!

Deois is filled with possibilities and opportunities for enterprising citizens. Whether you are a colonist arriving through TAC, a recent parolee, or you come from any number of other beginnings, all must start small and work their way up! Such is life in most colonies across United Stellar Republic-controlled space, and such it is here on Vieneo.

Luckily, the city of Deois, late Provincial Governor Alan Parval, and current Provincial Governor Andrew Iodal have your back!

Provided Amenities

Incoming citizens are provided with two fantastic amenities by the city of Deois: a C-2 Dasher for transportation, and an apartment to call home! Furthermore, the apartment is located in and overlooks the bustling Transit District of Deois! Upon arriving inside, you will notice the Intermedia in the upper-right corner of the interface (if not, please notify your immigration supervisor). The Intermedia is the primary means of interfacing with the world in and around Vieneo and most major functions about the moon are hooked into the Intermedia Network.

Common functions provided by the Intermedia are fuel and cargo transfers, simulation access, banking teller operations, inspecting land, and accessing services provided by citizen-run colonies. If ever in doubt with what can be accomplished in a given area, take a look at the Intermedia.

Note that Intermedia behavior is context-sensitive to the area in which the citizen is currently operating. In other words, if you are in the industrial district you will be able to "Trade Cargo" via the Intermedia. If you are near Veridian Bank, you will be able to access tellers via the Intermedia.

To leave the apartment and jump into that shiny, new* C-2, press SHIFT-1 on the keyboard and the Intermedia will lead you out!


It has been made clear in your immigration paperwork (notably section 2.3 and partly 2.5) that this property is not owned by the incoming citizen. The titles and deeds of all provided living aids remain under the direct control of the city of Deois, in connection with Veridian Bank. Neither the apartment nor the vehicle need be paid off in any manner, so long as the citizen remains upon Vieneo or one of its orbital structures (exceptions are made for off-moon vacations but must be cleared with the Deois Department of Land Management to avoid repossession).

A Quick Word

Let's take a moment and be honest with ourselves. You're here to fly! You want to talk your way through a textbook ATC departure, plunge upward into the clouds at a 30 degree angle, and exit to find Yonmara blazing overhead. You want to enter orbit at 5 km/S, match trajectory with TAC at an altitude of 1000 km and doc to ferry new citizens back down to the surface. Perhaps one day you will gaze upon the beautiful, electric sphere of Vieneo from 3000 km away before seamlessly re-entering its thick atmosphere and sticking the perfect landing during a thunderstorm at Deois airport.

You can AND WILL do all of this!

But first, you need to establish yourself, and that takes credits. The City of Deois recommends taxi-driving as an efficient means of beginning your time in the city and on the moon. The simple truth is that there are many things to learn out there before you fly off into orbit! You need to become familiar with Deois, how to work the Intermedia, make some money, rent from Rusty's, and most importantly, get to know some of the frequent flyers (for example, rana) that can help you step up in society (and will be glad to do so)!

Keep this all in mind as you begin to ferry around the other citizens of Deois!


Space flight is a highly dangerous endeavor. All previously mentioned activities can and have proved fatal to pilots due to user error. The City of Deois is not responsible for the lives of its citizens if lost due to user error in flight. Please note that the provided Dasher C-2 and apartment will be repossessed upon death.

Being a Taxi Driver

You should now be sat in your first vehicle outside of the Bradbury Apartments. The best way to start yourself off is to do the basic task of taxi driving, this will earn you only a little money whilst getting you used to the city layout, the controls and use of the player interface.

Make sure to add a waypoint to your apartment before you start moving, read more on waypoints on the Waypoint Management page.

Start Moving

The C-2A Dashboard

Before you start moving look around the Dashboard. You will see the Speedometer, The gear indicator and to the right a compass with a bearing to bug and distance. Using the Waypoints you can see were you need to head to go were you want. The controls for the C-2 Dasher are pretty straight forward:

  • Up and Down arrows to increase or decrease throttle
  • Left and Right arrows to steer
  • Spacebar to apply brakes
  • "/" and "*" on the ten-key pad to shift gears
    • The C-2 has a manual transmission
      • Park
      • Reverse
      • Neutral
      • 1st
      • 2nd
      • 3rd

Park to 1st gear is * * *

Additional none movement related controls:

  • "P" toggle to start or turn off the engine
  • "L" toggle headlights
  • "O" toggle overhead lamps

(it is suggested that you deactivate your overhead lamps (key: 'O'), as it is much easier to see outside the windshield without the glare the overhead lamps generate)

A game controller can also be used to control steering and throttle.

Once you drive a short distance away from your apartment your will enter the Transit District. When you enter the Transit District your Intermedia display will update with new options, now to start your first ride as a cab driver go for option 2] Curbside Taxi

The server will now tell you that you have a new fare; it will also tell you which building your passenger wants to go to and in what district this building is located. Now would be a good time to check out the map of Deois for the location of different buildings and get the coordinates for the building your passenger wants to go to.

Watch Those Curbs!

You may not see raised curbs, they look flat don’t they?! Well, they hurt if you hit them at speed so be careful! If your going to go off-road drive no faster that 40 kph and you should be okay. If you did hit a curb too hard and you are wounded or your car is damaged just press "Shift+R" to repair yourself, and if you have managed to land upside down press "F3". If you die you lose any money and cargo you have on you at that time.

Once you arrived at the destination building, drive around it until you get a #] Unload Passenger option in the Intermedia menu. Congratulations, you just earned your first 25 CR on Vieneo!

Banking Those Credits

I suggest the next step you take is taking your credits to the bank, that way you don't only earn interest on them, they are also safe and secure and not lost when you die. Load up the coordinates to the Deois Veridian Bank into your Waypoint Manager and drive to it.

Once you arrive at the Veridian Bank building, select 1] Open Account from the Intermedia menu, now you have an account with Veridian Bank and you received a 50 CR bonus as a welcome gift. Now you can simply deposit your money into your account by going into 2] Teller Functions and then use 1] Deposit. The same menu can be used to withdraw money from your account or to transfer money to another player.

Driving a Taxi to make credits

A World of Possibilities

Congratulations you got the hang of the basics of Rise: The Vieneo Province. A world of possibilities is now open for you to explore, here are some ideas to get you started:

Final Words

There is much more to do than drive around in a car just ask any other player. There are also alliances in-game, some of which loan aerospace vehicles in return for work, keep that in mind.

Our established players will pretty much jump up and down to provide answers for you and give you a little direction in your in-game career, we would love nothing more than to have you up in the air with us and exploring the world, we enjoy this game and would love it if you do too. You must ask questions, no question is a stupid question, this game is complex and there is much to be learned, don't have a bad time because you don't know what to do, ask someone - we won't bite!

See you in-game!

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