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This tutorial was made to get you started in the world of RISE, the opertunitys below just describe a small portion of what is possible in RISE.

Step 1: In the Apartment

When you first get ingame, you will find yourself in an apartment building overlooking the airport of the city of Deois, you can walk around in that apartment to get a better view. To save you time trying: that door cannot be opened in order to get out of that apartment. To board your first vehicle (C-2 Dasher Car) you need to press the 1 key on your keyboard.

You may have already noticed it says this in the top right window of your player HUD, this part of the HUD is your key to interfacing with different buildings/districts of the cities and player built colonies, this menu is also used when you are doing fuel and cargo transfers.

Step 2: Being a Taxi Driver

You should now be sat in your first vehicle outside of your apartment, the best way to start yourself of, is to do the basic task of taxi driving, this will earn you only a little money whilst getting you used to the city layout, the controls and use of the player interface.

Make sure to add a waypoint to your apartment before you start moving, read more on waypoints on the Organizer page.

Step 3: Start moving!

The controls for the C-2 Dasher are pretty straightforward:

  • Up and Down arrows to in or de-crease throttle
  • Left and Right arrows to steer
  • Spacebar to brake
  • / and * to shift gears

Adittional none drive related controls:

  • L toggle headlights
  • P toggle vehicle power

Once you drive a short distance away from your appartment your will enter the transit district, once you enter your Intermedia display will update with new options, now to start your first ride as a cab driver go for option 3) Curbside Taxi

Check out the Deois Map for the location of different buildings.