From Rise: The Vieneo Province

Once you start building colonies you will want to buy and sell the commodities you refine and build. It is a convenience to players if you have an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) installed (and if you are the owner you can make a little extra CR too!).

You will need to put money in the plot's cash box and keep money in your Fleet Bank account. You will have to guarantee the ATM as its owner.

Each ATM transaction is really four (4) steps at the same time…

  1. Plot’s cash box hands over cash, or takes cash from ATM user
  2. ATM user’s cash in hand changes
  3. ATM user’s Fleet Bank account is changed
  4. Plot's owner’s Fleet Bank account is changed
Joe’s action Joe's cash-in-hand Bill's colony Joe’s Fleet Bank account Bill's Fleet Bank account
Start 0 10000 5000 5000
Withdraw 1000 CR 1000 9000 4000 6000
Buy 1000 CR worth of a commodity 0 10000 4000 6000
Sell the commodity back for 1000 CR 1000 9000 4000 6000
Deposit 1000 CR 0 10000 5000 5000

Some ATMs can carry a usage fee. If you are using an ATM, you need to keep an eye on them. When withdrawing, fees are charged from the user's account, but when depositing, the user needs to have the fee on hand in addition to the amount they wish to deposit. The ATM owner can levy a fee to cover his/her having to physically move money around either to or from the plot to keep the ATM available.

The fees are applied in the direction of the money flow. If you withdraw cash from an ATM with a fee the withdrawal plus the fee is transferred from your account to the ATM owner's account. If you deposit you need to have your deposit in hand plus the ATM transaction fee.


I have 100 CR cash in hand and want to deposit it all.
The ATM charges 10 CR service fee.
I can only deposit 90 CR plus the 10 CR service fee.


Currently the instillation of the ATM is a cross between the New drag and drop and the old key commands….

Visit the bank

Buy the ATM

Fly to the plot you with to install it on.

Use the Colony Command Menu (3)

Open your Vehicle Inventory

Highlight the ATM (click on it do not drag)

Press "U"

Now you Can set any fees you wish to collect with the ATM.