Welcome to Vieneo!

Vieneo is an exomoon approximately 225 LY from Earth (Sol). The year is 2249 and mankind has realized their dream of travelling the stars. As one of the few that meet the suitability criteria of 112 USR 1115.42, this system has been claimed by the United Stellar Republic for colonization.

Colonists arrive in orbit a couple times a month at Easydock (pictured to the right). They come from nearby systems on massive, superluminal ships called DIHV ships.

We Need Skilled Flight Crews

  • Safely transport colonists to the surface
  • Transfer goods and materials between surface installations
  • Fly passengers and cargo to support orbital operations
  • Coordinate manifest and container organization

We Need Explorers

  • Welcome to the new age of exploration!
  • Rear Admiral Byrd explored the Antarctic, make your own name and explore an entire world!
  • Find hidden riches and trade your secrets

We Need Entrepreneurs

  • Build and operate your own colonies to harvest resources, refine fuel, and build weapons in our free market economy
  • Build your own fleet of ground, air, and space vehicles

In Return...

  • Assigned apartment residence in Deois
  • Free use of a C-2 Dasher automobile
  • Free access to flight simulators
  • Obtain Vieneo citizenship

Cleared for Approach!

More Than Just Colonists

  • Realistic behaviors
  • Morale
  • Relationships
  • Reputation
  • Marriage and reproduction
  • Crime and punishment
  • Death

Welcome Home!

After two weeks of hard long space travel what to do now?

  • Step out of your personal apartment, come back home to sleep safe and sound in your bed
  • Visit the bank and open your account
  • Use the free flight simulator to see how the aircraft handle in this thick air
  • Drive a taxi to start earning money
  • Rent or buy a truck to earn faster
  • Tow other people's cars to the garage
  • Join or start your own alliance
  • Play the futures market, driven by material development and usage
  • Visit the lawyer's office to repair your reputation after accidents
  • Buy inventory items like a lock pick or sunglasses
  • Challenge others to street races
  • Visit the casino
  • Visit the control tower