From Rise: The Vieneo Province

Every player starts out with a clean record. Anytime you die with passengers aboard this record is reduced. Your reputation dictates how many of potential passengers have heard about the incident. For example, if 10 passengers are booking travel from Deois to TAC, and you had crashed twice with 40 people aboard, only 2 or 3 of these new passengers will board your vehicle.

Additionally, if you have to divert to another destination or return them to their point of origin, your reputation is deducted. If the arrival is unreasonably delayed, a slightly larger amount is deducted.

All deductions are on a per-passenger basis.

You can work your reputation back at a rate proportionate to the number of passengers you successfully deliver to their destination. You may also seek legal council in the financial district of Deois. Their fees will help by silencing media and passengers that may slander your operation. They also may even reorganize your operation under another name.

Your reputation will also naturally increase over time to a certain extent.

Determining Reputation

You can not "see" your player's reputation but only get an impression in your dealings with passengers. The legal fees to "clean" your record are based on how severe your reputation is, so that may be the best indicator by far.