Bill's New Player Experience

From Rise: The Vieneo Province

New Player Experience.

When they are filling out the Immigration form at TAC they should see TAC customs desk and static inside the stations stuff.
Customs should open the player's bank account.
Customs should hand the player a Cash card, Think ATM/Cash/Credit all rolled in one.

Next cut scene.

Static shot out window of ship mid re-entry. Crackle... Pilot's voice. Attention Passengers We should all welcome the newest citizen to Vionio “Name” is about to start their new life. “Name” your luggage will be transferred to your new apartment for you . Once again Welcome.

NOW apartment.


1 Call for Duber (Taxi ride) 2 Use computer to check for available Jobs 3 Rest and recover health

Duber Menu

1 Visit Unistellar (Training on Simulators) 2 Visit Zana Zoom (Casino) 3 Visit VLM (Land offices) 4 Visit Rusty's Vehicles (Rentals/Purchases) 5-? Visit.... just keeps going with all the main building in the city. ATI/La/LMT/Fleet/Roger's tac....

Use computer menu

NEW PLAYERS see Jobs but all have a red x saying need to pass test in simulator. Or missing Equipment like a C-2 T-120 A-4 T-1 E-10/11

(Copied from

0000616 Players feature closed (reskin) 2020-04-04 Need to start new players in simulator

Use City owned Vehicles to run missions for the city. All these missions if Not completed in 24 hours your co-pilot takes over and you only receive ¼ pay and no bonuses.

 (1) Fly to and from Deois with A-4 to O-4 Crash site caring a salvage

team (200Cr)

 (2) Fly T-1 airport 200 KM away and load with cargo return. (250 Cr)
 (3) Fly over city in P-13 for an ½ hour (50% change of hostile

aircraft.) (300 Cr plus 50 for each hostile shot down)

 (4) Fly Fuel/food to TAC and Passengers up/back down. (400Cr) 50/50

split of Passenger fees (Smaller Space ship not E-10)

 (5) Fly Fuel/food to CPOC and Passengers up/back down. (450Cr) 50/50

split of Passenger fees (Smaller Space ship not E-10) Use your C-2 to go rent/buy/borrow a vehicle. (begin your exploration) Then the same missions listed but with YOUR ship (150% pay) you rented own or Borrowed. Advantage you do not have to pay for the cargo.

New defined Items:

Cash Card. Think a plastic card that you can put cash on and use as Cash. Or swipe it and pay a 2% fee for not having to have cash on the card. If you try to spend More then you have in the bank you get asked it you want a loan at 24% apr.