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The Crew Alert System (CAS) is a part of the EICAS system. It consists of an Alert Message Stack instrument and a bus module that drives the display.

The messages are arranged by their urgency and order of occurrence. All crew alerting system messages are divided into one of four categories: warnings, cautions, advisories, or status.

The most recent message appears at the top of its respective group of messages. A message is automatically removed from EICAS when the associated condition no longer exists. In this case, messages which appeared below the deleted message, each move up one line. When a new fault occurs, the new message will move older messages down one line.

If the number of warnings exceeds the message area (number of lines), then only the most recent warning messages are displayed and a red PAGE 1/2 appears at the bottom of the message area.

Message Categories

  • Warnings messages, are the most urgent type of crew alerts and indicate operational or system conditions that require immediate corrective action. All

warning messages are preceded by a triple chime and appear in red at the top of the message stack. For all warnings, the red MASTER WARNING lights will flash. Some warnings also have an aural alert consisting of a unique tone and a voice advisory.

  • Cautions messages, are less urgent than warnings and indicate operational or system conditions that require prompt corrective action. All caution messages are preceded by a single chime and appear in amber immediately below the warnings in the message stack. For all cautions, the amber MASTER CAUTION lights will flash.
  • Advisories messages, are used to show that a safe condition exists. They appear in cyan immediately below the caution messages in message stack.
  • Status messages, indicate that an abnormal condition exists or that a low-priority failure has occurred. They appear in white in the message area below the advisories.


Messages cannot be removed from view, unless the applicable condition for which they have been presented has been resolved.

In the equipped vehicles the warning and caution messages flash a master warning or master caution light (respectively).

In addition, the “Scroll Lock” light on your keyboard will illuminate for added awareness. You can press the “Scroll Lock” key to acknowledge these messages.

Some crew alerts are also accompanied by aural tones and voice advisories.


Some examples of Red level warnings.

  • Trim out of spec when you apply take off power.
  • Parking Brake on with take off power or in flight.
  • Flaps misconfigured for take off.
  • Wing temp at Critical levels.

As you can see each of these examples is a life threatening situation.
To get crew's attention a red level warning triggers a triple chime.

Amber Warning

Some examples of Amber warnings.

  • Cargo/crew door open.
  • Thrust Augmentation off or damaged.
  • Yaw damper off or damaged
  • Wing Temperature above 125C

These messages all require immediate action to remain non life threatening.
Each amber level will trigger a single chime to get the crew's attention.

Cyan level notification

Some examples of Cyan warnings.

  • Parking Brake on while parked.
  • Caps lock on

These messages are simple warnings that the crew has things configured in non take off settings.

White level

At this point we do not have any White level notifications other than "END" to show the stack bottom.

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