Contract Mesh

From Rise: The Vieneo Province

Axes Orientation
  • AKA Mesh Contractor
  • Type of freelancer: Looking for someone that does 3D models and their texturing for games specializing in low polygon count and efficient texturing
  • Deliverable is Wavefront OBJ file
  • No rigging, this has to be done in our proprietary utility, but each part that can move preferably is it's own module (also referred to as a mesh group) with an origin on the axis of rotation
  • 3 and 4 sided regular (convex) polygons
    • Concave is not allowed
    • N-gons are not allowed
    • Two edges cannot lie on the same vector
  • Emphasis on low polygon count
    • 13812, as an example, is our limit for a cockpit/interior
    • 12288, as an example, is our limit for a vehicle exterior
    • Easiest way is to make multiple instances of the same module (like a complicated chair that there are 3 copies of in the room)
  • Include UV coordinates and color/light textures
    • Materials are not supported so any color or transparency data has to be contained in the texture (for this reason windows need to have polygon and UV data)
    • Keep the textures small [1]
      • The smaller the textures are, the better chance they have of being maintained in the main CPU's secondary cache
    • Use square textures whenever possible [2]
      • Textures whose dimensions are 256x256 are the fastest
    • 2048x2048 maximum resolution for texture data but you can have different texture per "group" or "module" (as opposed to "sub-object" or "element") or modules can share the same texture data (very flexible)
    • Textures will repeat from left to right and top to bottom so the UV coordinates are allowed to go below 0 and above 1
    • Exterior nameplate dynamic texture is 256x128 (fixed) so you can use as much or as little of it as you like
  • Scales are published here
Exporting x becomes -x, y becomes z, z becomes y