From Rise: The Vieneo Province

Introducing our first natural disaster - Earthquakes!

Based on fault map and modulated statistical probability here on Earth, and based on concentration of mining operations!

Empowering the User

Players get to determine WHERE to build (these areas should be rich in resources to lure users to risk but ultimately up to them) Power to invest in preemptive defense (earthquake-proof structures, 30% damage, reduction, something to spend money on) Power to influence/defend (disaster immediately prompts player to dispatch security to protect stored goods from pillage/loot) Power to capitalize (wealthy can take over contracts affected by interruptions, the poor can pillage/loot unprotected property)

Player Awareness

Refer to fault map, buy seismic data from other players, seismic data as part of assay?

Gameplay Factors

Upset and power redistribution (risk is higher where large mining operations are ... deaths are proportionate to the number of colonists living near epicenter)