From Rise: The Vieneo Province

The Fuzer fires unguided glowing blue projectiles that do a limited amount of damage on impact. It uses Iagreous fuel as ammunition, so can sustain fire for as long as the ship carrying it can stay in the air. However, the damage it can do is not comparable to that of the much more powerful Longarm launcher, and it is much harder to aim than the Sinker.

The fuzer uses approximately 5 kg of Iagreous fuel per shot. Judging by the estimated calorific value of Iagreous fuel, each shot can carry a maximum of around 976kJ of energy - compare this to 4.18MJ for a kg of TNT. Assuming most of the energy of a Fuzer is directed into the target (as opposed to propulsion of the projectile, etc), one Fuzer hit should deliver about the same amount of explosive energy (and hence damage) as the average hand-thrown concussion grenade.

Hardpoint Weight: 112.7 kg