From Rise: The Vieneo Province

Target Audience

  1. Rags to Riches
  2. Science Fiction
  3. Tycoon
  4. MMO
  5. Spaceflight
  6. Simulator (Trey thinks this is primary now as of 10/9/2018)

There was a question about RPG and Combat being on this list.

Game Type

Sandbox MMO, not a carnival MMO A lot of comparisons have been drawn to EVE Online, what turns off people from EVE is the time commitment and general lack of safety Trey's Triangle -> Between Natural Ability, Time, and Knowledge/Research we are thinking that Rise success is determined mostly by time but to some degree natural skill (piloting) and research/knowledge?


Displace a player from an E-10 (for example) to a C-2, load the C-2 into the E-10, and take the E-10 to orbit with the C-2 inside ... then deploy the C-2 resulting in the player's death

How to Win

  • Money in bank (savings)
  • Assets (fleet size)
  • Influence (economic)


Assuming no other player involvement:

Station wagon came up ... new C-2 has a back seat so we can carry 3 passengers instead of 1 ... next class could be a limo, more reputation lost if you fail but more $$$ if you are successful!


Restriction on direct trade so rich guy can't transfer title or transfer money giving access to E-10 beffore it is time in the progression and really to avoid a Pay-To-Win scenario where the gold farmers are making all the money.

Ramp Check discussion - a way to enforce that a player has the qualifications and authorization to use a particular air or aerospace craft.

Discussion of starting them in the simulator.

Tutorial is traditionally the last thing to be developed so no worries.

Realistic flight is great but potentially unengaging?

People who pilfer will only pilfer when player is offline... need to expand pilfering (steal, subvert colonists) but with some penalty for pilfee offline?

A-4 used to transport high profile individuals from A-B ... combat

Video Storyboard

Show the gameplay, rags to riches style, 3 seconds of each task like taxi, truck hauling, aircraft landing on runway, aerospace craft leaving the atmosphere, docking with orbital facility, then fade out listening to ATC. We have a song from Unlight to use for this!

Trey's questions to Bill

Q:What do you enjoy doing most in Rise?
B:I enjoy the Flying very much, I enjoy building, I love the problem solving.
What do I mean by Problem Solving? Well. You head out in to the unknown land and randomly
land, take samples, after a while you find the “Plots”
you think are good enough to build on. Make a way point so you can find it again.
Run Back to the City and buy the plots and then buy the
Construction PODS. Once you have your first farm started there you need to
build it up to where the Farm is NOW making more food then they need
for just them selves. After What feels like dozens of trips you look over the farm
and it is fully finished. Not you run back to the city and but the Mining Colony
and have to start building again. Once the mine is finally finished the next step is
usually a Township. As you start to build that you soon realize that the
Town is eating you out of all the food you were making and now you have to
start 2 more farms before you even see any return from your Town.
Then as you start going you realize it will take like 8 or 9 Farms to feed this
town once you get It to maximum population.

Frustrating yet Satisfying knowing that you have built all that.

Q:What moments make you proud?
B:Not Dying
It really is so easy to kill your self.
Re-enter to late and start to push down so you do not overshoot,
then hit the thick air to fast and over G.
It is very Satisfying to look over a group of 15 plots and Know that you built all that.
It is exciting to see a space station as you come to dock with it.
Re-entering from CPOC with an upgrade and full of Happy Pax (Passengers).

Q:What moments frustrate you?
B:Dying when I mess up
My Internet Provider deciding NOW would be a great time to unplug something important.
Under-powered vehicles.
NO Wheels on the E-10 and E-11!
I mean they have Skids you can't taxi!
Driving any where.

Q:What moments do you look forward to?
B:Landing and NOT dying, Finishing a Colony, Getting the colony group set up to that it will not need me to run them Food/ material every week.

Q:How much of Rise do you spend flying?
B:2-3 hours at least up to 5 hours.

Q:What do you like most about flying?
B:Landing safe

Q:What do you like least about flying?

Q:What can you do to harm another player indirectly?
B:Sell all my futures and bankrupt the city.
Fill their colonies with workers so they are over populated or steal the workers so they get mad.

Q:What can you do to harm another player directly?
B:Shoot them as they are just about to land, Ram them, Park a T-1 on the runway and lock it.

Q:Practically what reason do you see for purchasing an Wanderer or Prowler?
B:Prowler, Tag? Combat? Being a jerk.
Wanderer needs better Engines so it can climb to 50 Km and cruise like the T-1
T-1 needs better Engines so it can climb to 50 Km and cruise like it was supposed to. Flaps! so it can take off with a load.

Notes from 10-02-2018

Discussed new player experience:

  • Bradbury - we are going to try to salvage it, maybe add a bed, fix motion, he thinks there is a place in gameplay for healing character, garages, hangars, hotels, estates
  • C-2A - we showed him the car ... discussed again economic impact and littering of cars ... he thought that giving them a "company" car to use might be a solution
  • Flying car? showed him the Sparrow, more questions than answers but no decisions
  • Simulator - discussed paying people to learn to fly, has to be pattern work unless we escalate the "airfield" colony type
  • Arrival video - pre-recorded path but live-dynamic weather, time of day, etc... with a tutorial-ish video during descent ... basically starts coming out of the clouds near the city so they can see the city and see the flight (User:tezzac recalled his first flight in User:rana's cargo bay and was hooked)

The discussion also went into a "corporate indentured" human trafficking and space pirates discussion where we went off the rails... but I don't mind the "Weyland-Yutani" concept.

Question: How many iModulators are ex-EVE or current EVE players. He thinks we have a robust character creation mechanism like they do but you never see it! He also mentioned that in any new communications system (chat) that we make we would use the opportunity to show the avatar.

Identify phases of gameplay: Tutorial mode, ground game, air game, space game?

Vision: Where are we going, what we bring to the table, what are we missing? Reddit post to get more contributors and players.

MMO Site Updates

Rise is a virtual, persistent universe that only exists online. It is the largest “seamless” arena online and has very realistic physics. The game is entirely first-person and was developed as a “vehicles-only” game. Imagine a sandbox over 100 million square kilometers in size – welcome to Vieneo, the moon of Iomere. Use ground, air, and space vehicles and structures to discover and develop sprawling urban cities, rain swept valleys, vast uncharted deserts, and glittering alien seas. Freely climb to space to take part in physics-accurate orbital maneuvers as the economic and social frontiers expand. Colonists arrive and thrive in the world that YOU are helping to establish. Ongoing development and updates ceased on Rise in October, 2010, leaving a game resulting from a decade of development available to be played free.


  • player-driven economics
  • a dynamic weather system
  • detailed terrain engine
  • aerodynamic and astrodynamic physics

GAME PLOT The year is 2231. You have arrived on a work-release program sponsored by the United Stellar Republic. Your crimes are not important. As part of your sentence, your memories have been erased. If you had loved-ones, possessions, or dreams in your former life, they are but an echo. If you had abilities and skills in your former life, you will have to rediscover them. However, you have been granted a new lease on life!

Deep Thoughts (with User:c00p)

  1. User:rana likes SL and he likes Rise ... what is the overlap? He likes being a part of a world, contributing to it, and he also likes flying 8)
  2. Gamers come in a lot of varieties but the two primary ones are 'Must have AAA graphics' vs. 'I don't really mind as long as the game is good' ... You're never going to get the first bunch, don't even worry about them
    1. to capture and keep the second lot, you need to make sure the first steps in the game are tight, controlled, guided, provide context / direction and importantly, are easy to understand
  3. Promoting the game on Steam is all about being active, showing it has positive and dedicated players, doesn't get heaps of bad reviews (which is will ATM because people are harsh and if a first impression is a bad one, they'll smash you for it) and that the 'Dev Team' is engaged and positive with players
  4. Gamers are an entitled bunch, it sucks but that's the way it is currently if you don't have the time to do it, see if there's anyone in the player base that can