C-98 Construction MuVER

From Rise: The Vieneo Province

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The C-98 MuVER

The C-98 Construction MuVER originally developed as an alternative way to deploy construction projects
but with the advent of the T-120 and better construction PODS it has been relegated to colony repairs.

The construction version of the MuVER like a construction PODS is reusable, but can not haul colonists
and a project at the same time. It is very slow-moving. All construction projects require one or more colonists
so you will have to make multiple trips or get a passenger PODS deployed out at the job site.

The MuVER can be purchased new for 41,329 CR MSRP.

  • Type: Single driver SUV
  • Engine: 4.2L OHV 12-valve V6
  • Power: 202HP, at 4,350 RPM,
  • Torque: 35.94 kg meter at 3750 RPM
  • Top Speed:
  • Wheelbase: 382.2 centimeter
  • Seats: 2 (only 1 usable with a construction project)
  • Trunk size: 1 MT
  • Fuel capacity: 65 kg
  • Expected range or KM/kg

Related Issues

Id Category Severity Status Updated Summary
0000500 Vehicles feature acknowledged (reskin) 2019-04-25 MuVER (Exterior) - remastering project
0000054 Cockpits minor acknowledged (lambert) 2019-04-25 MuVER (Interior) - remastering project