From Rise: The Vieneo Province

Logo2.jpg Journal Log entry #0021 1/23/2229 Not everyone gets a chance to start over. Somehow I was spared and merely banished to this planet, yet I am grateful for this new opportunity. My name is James Hexis. When I had risen from my memory wipe I choose my name. Hexis comes from Ancient Greek and roughly translates to “possession” or “to have”. James, supplanter; One who follows or taking the place of someone or something that was there first. The combination just seems fitting.

I suppose I could've taken more time to choose my name but, time is money on Vieneo.

The only way to excel on this planet is to Rise up from the ashes of your former self.

My Assigned job was apprentice maintenance laborer for Bradbury Apartments in Deois. Even though it was boring work it gave me more opportunities than being stuck on a space station or some flea-ridden startup colony.

Once I saved up enough credits I ordered a vac suit with an upgraded re-breather. Then I could venture out on my off hours and explore The city on my own.

One day, while exploring Deois I picked up an ancient, almost alien looking map of Vieneo in the market shops. It's most certainly a copy or a facsimile. But it's helped me learn about this planet and for that reason Its a very valuable possession. Someday I hope it will teach me a few secrets.

I've built my wealth over the years. Paid off my loans for ships and land. Now I manage a modest shipping company.