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Fleet Bank will automatically list and re-list vehicles at auction that are repossessed due to loan defaults. Players can also present VBay with vehicles to list free of charge. While the vehicle has a live listing it will be stored inside VBay's secure facility.


Opening bid is set by the seller.


The player with the highest bid is declared the winner at the end of the auction period (7 days). If you win, they will deduct the monies directly from your bank account and transfer them to the seller (less a 5% commission). The vehicle is then placed in the lot for pickup.

Known Issues

Id Category Severity Status Updated Summary
0001536 Vehicles minor closed (reskin) 2020-01-29 Can't list something for auction since Server 2.0
0000207 General minor closed (reskin) 2018-01-07 Cannot pick up won auction vehicles at vBay

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