From Rise: The Vieneo Province


Alphaville is the second largest city on Vieneo. It is the first township colony established outside of the city limits of Deois.
Founded by Mineral Mountain Madness.
The town was started as an experiment in expanding on this new planet. Bill Kendall flew his E-10 across the Ederar Sea to see if land outside of Deois would offer any move valuable materials to help expand MMM’s fledgling company holdings. The assay results although not particularly exciting were an improvement in Common than could be found around the city of Deois.


Alphaville Highschool and Alphaville University have been dominant in the past few years.
In 2246 and 2247 Alphaville’s “Alpha Dogs” trounced Deois University in the championship games.
In Fact, in 2247 the Alpha dogs took the series in 4 games straight.


With 2 full Botanical gardens Alphaville is rapidly becoming a vacation hot spot.
Additionally with 2 airports Alphaville is the perfect place to start you Pilot training. Take off from Alphaville Airport, Fly to Deois do a touch and go, Fly to Alphaville east airport, Return to Alphaville Airport and you have completed even the longest requirements for your cross-country training as a pilot.
The VAC (Vieneo Automobile Club) has frequent different racing and rally events on the roads around Alphaville. Alphaville has more Kilometers of paved roads then even the city of Deois.

Notable Firsts

  • First mine was built 2230
  • First farm was built 2231
  • AlphaVille Town Hall was built in 2231
  • Airport was built 2244

Alphaville close enough to shop downtown Deois,

Far enough away to own your own Patch.