Bill's Answers

From Rise: The Vieneo Province

How much do I fly Hands on or on Autopilot?

Right this second I am Climbing out of Alphaville with 109 MT of common for Kansas. I think I fly about 10-20 second hands on. I twist and yank the ship to the general direction I want to fly then flip on AutoFlyte and set it as I want it to climb. Yes! About ever sentence Now I flip back to the Screen and check what the E-11 is doing. From 0 Km alt to about 25-30 you can hold the nose up at the 15 degree stop in AutoFlyte then at 35 you better have it down to 10. Skimming atop the clouds, atmosphere get it up to the mid 60Km alt and at 4-4.2 Km/sec shut off the engines. At about 900KM away till 400 km before landing I need to be tweaking the AutoFlyte, 400Km till 60 Km I often am riding the jets pushing me down So I can get my self to the landing site. Usually by 50 Km away I have the mains back on at about 50-75% to fly the last leg. Some were between 5 km away and touch down I start flying by hand.

Walk away from Computer?

No... And Yes... On climb there is just about a 15 minute window were if I have to I can run to the rest room If I am climbing and realize I have to go to get a drink/ bathroom before I land I can lower the nose to the 10 degree up and let the ship climb in Nav/Pit but No I try to not do that just because if something goes stupid like dog, mouse and random game controller flake out. It is better to be there.

What does Bill do for the economy of Deois?

Simple answer? Not a bloody dam thing. There is Finite money in the system. If I want money I have to take it from the city by selling the industrial district something. If I want the city to have money I have to buy Futures. So it works out that I sell something to the city. Then have to turn around and buy futures so that the city is not broke. Rana and Skippy have right now around 300,000 CR in the bank, the rest is paper money sunk in the future market. Jason has set up the system using the Green Marble Theory Category:Economics. This has been one of my complaints and things I think needs to be fixed. In an economic game (right now the combat is VERY limited) the way to “Win” is to have the most money or things. There is a finite base of money so you can never beat Canary. He has the most in the bank. Simple hands down. Unless the Planet is getting new money in, the Players are competing for a smaller and smaller pieces of the pie.
I have suggested setting the Game up to “sell” fuel to the FTL. The FLT buys 1/10 (This can go as high as ¼ down to 1/100) of the fuel made Planet wide every time it visits. I would offer the Fuel Transfer to New players as contracts in a yet to be built small ship that only carry 2-3 pods like the Manx I am trying to build for the game. If players can not or will not move the fuel It should be done by NPCs. See:

0000655 Economy minor closed (reskin) 2019-02-18 Deois is destitute

The Island of Stability elements were a suggestion to make it so we have something to sell to the off world systems and bring in more money for new players to try and get. Category_talk:Yonmaran_System. Earth every Day is hit by about 60 tons of Micro meteors. Imagine if 0.001% were of a valuable Rare element. Farmers, City folk, every one would walk their land every day looking for the any presents. I imagine in a system that had all that destruction that number would be much higher. If we are Generous to the players I see it being something like 1-5 milligrams of dust per colony you own per day. The colony directly takes the money from your bank and sends you a message that “We have 1 gram of Element X at the colony” and you have to visit to collect the gram. Deois price per gram is 1000-2000Cr/gram they sell that to the FTL at 2000-4000/Gr (once these prices are set I see them set in stone not affected by market prices because the goal is to get it off planet and make money for the system). Players are not allowed to sell to the FTL. All off world sales have to be verified and check and so on. The City will Contract/use NPC's to fly it to TAC. The price we pay the colonist DIRECTLY boosts or hurts moral. Any price below half the Deois market price hurts moral and any thing above half the Deois price boosts moral. I see setting C-2 dashers at Colonies as Scout cars to send off duty workers out to scout un-owned lands to look for more Uber rare on un-owned lands. A town at Max capacity work force can have upwards of 3300 people of that about 2000 are assignable tasks (make things/transport things) and it would make sense to put like 20-30 cars either C-2s or the non police version of the AC-130 (4 door station wagon) at the towns and mines to let them search near and far increasing their Mineral discovery rate. I see each C-2 having a recovery rate of 1 Milligram to 3 milligram/day and each AC-130 having almost double the rate, 2-5 milligrams/day. This would of course makes players want to buy the AC-130 and move them out to the colonies. And car sales directly feed money in to the city.

Math to back that up.

60 MT/day = 60,000,000,000 Milligrams/day Plots... 250,000 60,000,000 mg/day / 250,000 plots= 240,000 mg/day/plot 240,000 mg/day/plot x 0.001% = 2.4 mg/plot of Island of stability Since it has only been 200,000 years since the impact that number can be fudged up or down as we see fit.
I see all sort of new player contracts with this.

  • Fly a group of 20 worker out to a plot that has not been looked over for a while and wait for them for 2 hours and fly them back.
  • Fly a Camping Pods out to x plot and leave it so that the team can search for a few days/week.
  • Fly out to a Camping Pods and load it to fly them and the Mineral back to Deois.
  • Load a car in an A-4 fly them out 500-1000 km (player is told distance and the plot to unload the car) and let them drive back searching the plots on the way.
  • Fly out in a T-1/Manx 2000km and drop off a AC-130(Manx could have 2 cars and 1 camping Pods)
  • Fly out in a T-1/Manx and pick up the AC-130(Manx could have 2 cars and 1 camping Pods)
  • Fly out pick up a car bring it back to Deois.
  • T-1/Manx flights contracted by players for new players. Fly out to Airport and pick up the Uber rare and fly it back to Deois for flat fee.

Each of these contracts (except the player one) of course ends up making the city more money by generating Uber Rare to sell to the FTL. The NPC's have money. And even if the cars driving in and out of the city are all NPC it will make the city look more alive with traffic. Once NPC's start buying cars and hiring other NPC's the bank gets a boost buy the car loans that are slowly paid off by the NPC's. I can see a day were there are 3-4 hundred NPC driven cars collecting Uber rare for the city.
Yes I have put way to much thought in to how to get the city/system more money for players like Canary to find and shove in the bank. But if that is the way that they measure success we need to find a way to make it happen. That then brings me to combat and that is a entirely different can of worms.
Have I written this up for Jira? NO. The past times I talked about automation for NPC's I can hear Jason's eyes glass over with OMG you want what.

  • My plan is to wait for Automation.
  • Test it with the Mammoth.
  • Then see about pushing for the fuel sales to TAC.
  • Which makes us do contracts.
  • Once that works ask to have NPC's fill in for failed player transports.
  • Then revisit what we are doing with the Element.

So I have plan. We all know what happens to plans. But I have a plan for now.

What does a “Bill” day in Rise look like?

Well how about A normal Day for me in and out of Rise. 7:50 Answer call from Jason go over what bugs he has for me to test and chat about the plans for the day and so on... 8:10 Pull blanket back over head and snore LOL 9:30 Shut up Stupid alarm get morning pills and try to decide if I am making us Coffee this morning or If I am just eating my Coffee Yogurt. 9:45-10:30 Finally get to the computer and check Email/Fire up Rise. Often in Rise I will See Canary, Tbirds and or some one else. Say hello, See if they need any thing try to chat to them about what is going on and How excited I am about the newest new toy Jason got working. In Email I get 2 copies of each Jira (one to Rana, one to Skippy) that I do not post. I get one of the ones I post (to Skippy). I read each one and check that it is something that I can or should input on, Check if it is something I can test or close. Read them and see if I can think of a solution to it.
Here the day splits..
Day time in Rise at Kansas. Think do I want to move fuel ore and common to and from Alpha and Kansas. Make one or two Round trips and then sit in Alphaville waiting to talk to people in Rise, Randomly think about doing one more flight, Fire up Second life and play in there if any one I know is awake there. In RL my bed room window faces East-South-East the TV I use as a monitor is next to the window. Morning flights in Rise's night make my screen in silhouette and very hard.
Night time in Rise. Fire up Second life and leave rise open to talk to ANYONE that logs in. Have Rise running and Makeship, Paintshop, or Hexagon open tinkering with the ships. Wait till Rise day to fly.
Do the hit list of things Jason and I talked about at 8AM some were now. This can be any thing from rattling ATC's cage, to flying to CPOC, to flying to some strange plot that sent Jason an error. 11:45 Get my self set up for Doing any thing with Jason over lunch. 12:00-13:15 Jason time on hangouts 13:30 If it was night in the game during RL morning do the one or two trips to move Cargo now. Play in Second Life, Makeship, Paintshop, or Hexagon. 17:00 Start dinner, talk to Jason on his drive home. 19:30 Dishes then Fire up Rise, Second Life, Makeship, Paintshop, or Hexagon again. Check the Jira messages again, See if any are testable. Socialize with any one that pops in to Rise. 23:00 TV then Bed time 01:00 Snore
On top of this I should add. If I see a new player I try to help them to the bank and get their account open. About most of the people never respond to my chats so there is no way to help them. People that respond to me If I ANY where a colony with an ATM or the city. I give them enough cash in hand or transfer monies to pay off their car and rent an A-4 for about a week. That way they get to fly and see if they want to start playing for real. Returning players I frequently loan them an E-10.
Throw in Random Dog walks, Bathroom breaks, Unloading the car, Time with Mary, and that is Life here.
Reading this Mary Laughs and then says “Yes Bill Lives in Rise, and visits Real life.”

Other Scenarios?

I hit most of the scenarios that I have not already listed in Jira up in the “What does Bill do for the economy of Deois?” section.


Not sure if that is a statement or a question for me. But what is a truck useful for? Well If we break the airport off of the industrial district and make it so they pay a little less for materials and charge you more for materials. Say the Industrial district is paying 13/mt for buying Common and selling for 19/mt the Airport would pay only 11/mt and charge you 22/mt. In a T-1 or the Manx it would be might be worth your while to just eat the loose and let the airport pay some schmuch to move any thing over 400 mt to the Industrial district and when they drop below 120 Mt pay a different guy to bring them some. That way on common the airport could pay 30 Cr and make 4 for the city. Per truck load. Food and the more expensive items yes it will be a bigger cut but still you get the Idea.
Personal use of a truck. With in 100 KM on the city of Deois. NOTHING. The two mines only make 8 MT a day so really they are just set to let new players make money. I really do not use them much except as storage of fuel near the city and when I see they are well over 1000Mt I take some for Kansas.
What I want to do with trucks. Break one down for Kansas and one for Alpha fly them out there and put them together again. Let the NPCs use them to move my stuff around the mines/farms to the towns then the yet to be built Airports there.

When did I type this up?

I typed this before mostly before I saw Jason's scribbles and well before I ever see a response to what I thought he meant. The “walk away”, “Other scenarios”, and “Truck”, sections are the only sections I added after jason sent me the picture to my phone.