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Yonmaran System

From Rise: The Vieneo Province

The Disaster at Ostlon

200,000 Years ago the remnants of a White Dwarf star entered the Yonmaran System
it was on a near head on collision course with Ostlon.
The planet was ripped apart by the gravity well.
As particles streamed at the dense star remnant.
They were smashed in to each other in what can be best described as a Planetary sized super collider.
The materials from the radioactive core of Oston were smashed in to each other with sufficient force to
create new heavy elements in the “Islands of Stability”.
Particles of the planet and the precious “Islands of Stability” were sprayed across the system the inner planets
and their gravity wells scooped up vast quantity of the materials.

The Prize for Vieneo

Vieneo has become an important planet because it is the one of the few places were you can find
these elements with a half life measured at 1.6 G Years.(Billions Years).
Vieneo has a non-breathable atmosphere, and close to 1G It is possible walk and work with only a breather.
No hard suit is required like the other inner planets left after the disaster.

Tragedy for Iomere

Iomere probably has higher concentrations of the elements, but unfortunately the catastrophic destruction of
Ostlon also dropped a 9 km across of chunk of the planet on Iomere.
The meteor hit just short of splitting the Iomere but it did blow off the majority atmosphere.