From Rise: The Vieneo Province

Iomere from Vieneo
Discovered by: Capt. Ruben Evans
Discovery date: February 16, 2218
Orbital characteristics
Satellite of: Yonmara
Satellites: Vieneo
Semi-major Axis: 1.50x108 km (0.984 AU)
Eccentricity: 0.102
Orbital Period: 375.78 d (1.03x Earth)
Sidereal Period: 3954.98 h (5.5 months)
Longitude at epoch: 2.649528732°
Epoch offset: 311.5489976°
Physical characteristics
Mean radius: 7365.2 km (1.20x Earth)
Mass: 9.05x1024 kg (1.5x Earth)
Density: 5.41 g/cm3 (0.98x Earth)
Surface gravity: 11.314 m/s2 (1.15x Earth)
Escape velocity: 12.803 kps
Rotation: Synchronous
Obliquity: 22°
Albedo: 0.07
Hydrosphere: 0%
Cloud cover: 0%
Ice cover: 0%
Atmospheric properties
Surface pressure: 0 mb (0.0x Earth)
Molecular weights: Traces SO3, Kr, Xe found
Other: Resonant Spin Locked / Low-G
Hot, Airless, 1-Face
Greenhouse effect: +0.0°C
Exospheric: 1827.83°K (+554.83°C Earth's)
Boiling point: H2O -273.1°C

Based on fossil records and ruins, the planet of Iomere once harbored a species of humanoid life. Though several city structures and remnants have been found, the entire planet has been mysteriously laid waste, its atmosphere stripped away, leaving it little more than a huge gray rock. Mining is possible here with permits, however, any ruins encountered may yet contain dangers and those not with excavation or scientific teams are asked to avoid landing.