Yonmaran System

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The Yonmaran System refers to the solar system based on the star Yonmara.

Until recently, Spacelane A27-12 was the second longest distance in the charted United Stellar Territories to transverse, between the system of Hontras and Zygus Major. The flight, if made with proper courier and convoy support, could take a hyperliminal vessel traveling at 3.4 ERV nearly a month to complete. This fact combined with the constant threat of piracy and ship system failures has lead to a drastic market and trade recession between the two systems.

However, a development involving a light Orpex Cruiser, christened USV Flying Mast, in an attempt to make the distance without necessary support, has altered the perception of this area of the galaxy. In the great void marking this distance in which no previous systems were known to exist, only 1.3 million kilometers offset from Spacelane A27-12 was the outer boundary of a yet unknown system. Apparently hidden from sensor and visual scanning by a thick, energetically unstable nebulaic ring, the system had remained untouched until encountered by the "Flying Mast". In a last ditch effort to siphon free hydrogen particles to aid in their depleted emergency life support system, "Flying Mast" turned course and drifted in a powered-down state into the rim of the system. From within, the faint blue glow from a fledgling sun was seen, and an entire system ready for exploration.

Placed at nearly the halfway mark between the two trade systems, the Yonmaran System has become the focus of an intense effort of expansion and development. Its position has been well-noted to be a prime location for fuel depots and other deep space trade franchises.

The scientific community has deemed it to be a primary system for study and research. Too far from populated areas to be enforced by standard planetary patrols of local United Stellar Defense Coalition vessels, the United Stellar Council has declared the need for a new system of government and control to be set up in the system. Until a regular law enforcement body can be created and inserted, United Stellar Marshals have been dispatched to the area to keep the peace amongst the trade outposts, fuel stations, and nebula miners.


# Name Type Distance Mass Radius
P1 Tragon Rock 0.310 AU 0.030 EM 0.314 ER
P2 Tragus Rock 0.364 AU 0.066 EM 0.411 ER
P3 Rhannonan Rock 0.499 AU 0.284 EM 0.664 ER
P4 Iomere Rock 0.984 AU 1.494 EM 1.161 ER
M5 Vieneo Terrestrial Moon 0.984 AU 0.243 EM 0.455 ER
P6 Taberon Ice 2.343 AU 0.752 EM 0.915 ER
P7 Lydonus Ice 2.572 AU 1.999 EM 1.256 ER
N8 Ostlon Nebula Ring 2.829 AU 51.676 EM 5.844 ER

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