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Location of Yonmara (circled)

Yonmara (186 G. Sagittarii) is a solitary, blue-hued star in the zodiac constellation of Sagittarius. It has an apparent visual magnitude of +5.68, which is bright enough to be faintly visible to the naked eye. According to the Bortle scale, it can be viewed from dark suburban skies. Based upon an annual parallax shift of 14.0013 mas as seen from Earth, this star is located around 225 light years from the Sun. It is advancing in the general direction of the Sun with a radial velocity of −1.40 km/s.

This is an B-type main sequence star with a stellar classification of B8.5V. The star is about 1.7 times the mass of the Sun and 1.9 times the Sun's radius.

Discovered by: Capt. Ruben Evans
Discovery date: February 16, 2218
Observation data
Location from Sol: RA 19h 26m 26.4821s
Dec -29º 44' 35.611"
Distance from Sol: 225.4091223 LY
Apparent Magnitude: 5.68
Absolute Magnitude: 1.48
Spectral Class: B9V
Physical characteristics
Diameter: 2.6 million km (1.9x Sol)
Mass: 3.4x1030 kg (1.7x Sol)

View of Yonmara from Sol

This view represents a small fraction of the sky viewed from Earth in J2000.

Further data can be obtained from these sources...

http://aladin.u-strasbg.fr/aladin.gml Sinbad icon.gif Cds icon.gif

Yonmaran Neighboring Systems

The Yonmaran star has many different identifiers depending on the star catalog...

HD 182681 CD-29 16140 CPD-29 6051 FK5 731
GC 26833 GCRV 11872 HIP 95619 HR 7380
N30 4306 PMC 90-93 520 PPM 269791 SAO 188127
SKY# 36210 SRS 30731 TD1 24644 TYC 6888-2982-1
UBV 16456 UBV M 23755 uvby98 100182681 YZ 119 12715
HIC 95619 GEN#+1.00182681 GSC 06888-02982

Sol Neighboring Systems