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From Rise: The Vieneo Province

Discovered by: Capt. Ruben Evans
Discovery date: February 16, 2218
Observation data
Location from Sol: RA 19h 26m 26.4821s
Dec -29º 44' 35.611"
Distance from Sol: 225.4091223 LY
Apparent Magnitude: 5.68
Absolute Magnitude: 1.48
Spectral Class: B9V
Physical characteristics
Diameter: 2.6 million km (1.9x Sol)
Mass: 3.4x1030 kg (1.7x Sol)
View of Yonmara from Sol

Yonmara is a star approximately 225 light years from Earth.

This view represents a small fraction of the sky viewed from Earth in J2000.

Further data can be obtained from these sources...

http://aladin.u-strasbg.fr/aladin.gml Sinbad icon.gif Cds icon.gif

Yonmaran Neighboring Systems

The Yonmaran star has many different identifiers depending on the star catalog...

HD 182681 CD-29 16140 CPD-29 6051 FK5 731
GC 26833 GCRV 11872 HIP 95619 HR 7380
N30 4306 PMC 90-93 520 PPM 269791 SAO 188127
SKY# 36210 SRS 30731 TD1 24644 TYC 6888-2982-1
UBV 16456 UBV M 23755 uvby98 100182681 YZ 119 12715
HIC 95619 GEN#+1.00182681 GSC 06888-02982

Sol Neighboring Systems

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