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From Rise: The Vieneo Province

Computer science novice data enterer user help desk builder user manager system admin

Criminal novice bully thug loan shark henchman boss criminal master mind

Inventor novice dangerous Tinkerer

Mechanical novice Thread stripper shade tree mechanic Shop Forman Mr. Good spanner

Medical novice First aide First responder EMT Paramedic Intern Dr.

Military novice Corporal sergeant Lt. CPT. MJ. General

Pilot novice Trainee Solo permit Private pilot Instrument Commercial ATP

Playboy novice Hugh

Politian novice President --reskin 20:02, 13 December 2007 (EST)

I like the way that came out President - Reskin.... So did you try for that Jason?


You have a weird way of looking at things lol--reskin 10:24, 30 December 2007 (EST)

So I was thinking instead of doing the aerospace vs. aircraft vs. ground and capacities we could do it like real log books do - day/night, PIC/SIC, simulator, time in space, VTOL, landings (day/night/soft field)... and maybe total pax carried, cargo tonnage - it is sad all the things that we CAN track but haven't so people like rana would be starting at the same level but with some merit experience to bump him up! --reskin 14:25, 19 May 2009 (EDT)