From Rise: The Vieneo Province

Long Range Sensor

This system is used to detect the presence of other vehicles in proximity. The data is fed to a contact list which is sorted by distance. This system also correlates friend/foe data based on preferences the pilot specifies in the game client.

This system also feeds data to the TCAS system (for closure rate), target bug, weapons tracking, and TVM computers.

Mode A

Continually provides relative position information to all interrogating vessels.

In addition, it can selectively provide

  • IVR
  • Hull registry
  • Discreet type (used to be inferred from IVR but changed in revision 2.2)
  • Registered owner
  • Stolen, repossession, tow, and other flags recorded by various agencies

Mode C

Continually provides Mode A data plus altitude information to all interrogating vessels.

Mode S

When a vehicle is embedded in another vehicle (such as PODS or small cars or trucks in a larger vehicles' bay) the Mode A and C continuous stream is inhibited. Upon request, the parent vehicle will provide a list of all nested objects as well as their Mode A and C data streams.