From Rise: The Vieneo Province

 This article is about the the character skill. For the the inventory item, see Remote Assay.

Assay is a character skill is used to examine superficial (surface) samples and determine the quality a plot based on grade and presence of commodities...

Because of the superficiality of the samples, the true resource value can vary greatly from the samples. Assay many surrounding plots before making decisions based on your results.

This skill starts out very poorly but improves as it is used, and can be tested at the Skills Assessment Office in Deois. You should test your skills regularly, you may have to take your results with a grain of salt.

Consider hiring a seasoned "appraiser" unless you want to commit the time learning on your own!

There are several possible values to each assayed resource...

  • Trace
  • Poor
  • Fair
  • Good
  • Very Good
  • Excellent

And an overall indication of the grade (slope) of the plot...

  • Suitable for airfield (0-2.5%)
    • Required for airfield construction.
  • Relatively flat (2.5-5%)
    • Most desirable for development.
  • Gentle slope (5-10%)
    • Can be readily used for development with careful planning. Industrial uses become limited; some agricultural crops approach limitations.
  • Gradual slope (10-15%)
    • Can support residential development if carefully planned. Commercial uses become limited. Industrial uses are severely limited. Erosion becomes a problem.
  • Medium slope (15-25%)
    • Only feasible developed use is for Residences. Development and municipal services costs are high; erosion is a problem.
  • Very steep (25%-100%)
    • Very limited value for development due to extreme costs involved.
  • Unusable (over 100%)
    • Construction techniques are not available to support this grade of terrain.

In the case of a farm the grade must be "gentle slope" or "relatively flat" or your Algae Farms could drain away!