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CPOC (an ackronym for Cutter's Port Orbital Complex) is an orbital facility

Approach to CPOC

From Cutter's Port Promotions Dept.

It is strongly recommended that you approach CPOC with TVM Enabled and set to below 0.250 Km/sec before entering the 20km control area surrounding CPOC. Entering with in 20km of the station over 250m/s is unsafe, may result in a speeding violation and fines.

Standard Ports

There are 8 standard ports offering these services:

Deluge Port

  • Hull registration changes - initial registration is free, modifications are 300 CR plus 50 CR per letter/space
  • Liveries - trim color is 45000 CR entered in hexadecimal format
  • Block 14-18 Upgrades - E-10 to E-11 only at 1222680 CR
  • Weapons
  • Inventory Kits - currently just the Lock Pick Kit


  • Orbital altitude: 3003 km MSL
  • Orbit Inclination: 75°
  • Orbit Period: Approximately 153 min
  • Storage: 1700 MT
  • Maximum Population: 1477

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Known Issues

Id Category Severity Status Updated Summary
0000032 Docks minor acknowledged (reskin) 2021-11-11 CPOC docking ports are too close together for E-10 docking use
0000542 CPOC feature closed (reskin) 2019-08-23 CPOC Website should show production status