From Rise: The Vieneo Province

If you die, you will lose any cargo or passengers (but not the PODS) and any cash you have on hand (which is why the bank is important).

You will not lose inventory items.

Killing passengers will affect your passenger reputation.

Deaths count against your overall rank.

Your Iagreous fuel tank will be topped off if your tank was empty. To keep this from being abused, we keep track of how much fuel you are given and that fuel must be burned before you can get more.

Server Rules

  • If you are in free flight (as opposed to being in a building or in another player's vehicle)
    • If you are below the cloud level it just puts you on the surface.
    • If you are above 5000km it puts you at 5000km or the 90% of the service ceiling limit - whichever is lower
  • If you are near a dock and sets 0 ref velocity to dock otherwise it matches the barycentric (surface rotation) speed