Meeting Notes

From Rise: The Vieneo Province

Bill's Answers Bill's New Player Experience

Mission Statement

work in progress Provide an immersive and realistic sci-fi experience where players build and run an economic empire from nothing but the shirt on their back.

  • Doesn't tell me that it is a "flight" game or with "flight" potential at all ... let alone ground to orbit!
  • Doesn't tell me it is multi-player experience
  • Seamless?
  • Realistic is better or worse than saying "simulation" genre?
  • Our Goal is to create a unique infrastructure that will improve the gaming experience of our clients.
  • It is our mission to seamlessly integrate new and exciting content.
  • Our company exists to manage the content in the virtual world.
  • Control your world from the Seat of your favorite Car or Aerospace vehicle.
  • Hire players, Hire Non-players, Build alliances,
  • Bill had a tagline "that they hang in the cockpit at night"
  • Determines the tone of marketing language, monitization?
  • For me it is a creative outlet, passionate about building experiences for players, what is Ian's inspiration, Bill's inspiration?


  • Ground
    • C-2 Dasher - Car
    • T-120 Steerhead - Truck
  • Air
    • T-19 Stratomaster - Aircraft
    • A-4 Wanderer - Combat
  • Aerospace
    • E-10 Saint
    • E-11 Saint
    • P-13 Prowler - Combat
  • Space
    • TBD

Progression Path

  • Start in Apartment w/ C-2A that they own (backstory)
  • Enter City
  • Goto Bank, Open Checking Account
  • Be an Uber Driver
  • Long Term Goal Introduced: Own Car
  • Earn (~2h)
  • Here you could diverge into a fleet of taxis ---
  • Rent Truck
  • Long Term Goal Introduced: Own Truck
  • Earn (~2h)
  • Here you could diverge into a fleet of trucks ---
  • Rent AirCraft
  • Long Term Goal Introduced: Own AirCraft
  • Long Term Goal Discoverable: Gaining Territory
  • Earn (~?)
  • Rent Aerospace
  • E-10
  • Earn (~?)

To Discuss

  • Farms
  • Weapons
  • Territory
  • Colonies
  • Customization
  • Docks
  • Alliance

Trey's Immediate Thoughts on Progression

  • Introduce more phases, more vehicles at each phase.
  • Phase: Ground, Air, Aerospace
  • Vehicle Phase: Freight, Passenger

Luxury appeals to high profile transport missions

  • High Risk of Reputation Loss
  • High Pay
  • Earns More Reputation
  • Ground - Passenger - Viable: C2
  • Ground - Passenger - Efficient: Limo?
  • Ground - Passenger - Luxury: Lexus?
  • Ground - Passenger - Sport: ???
  • Ground - Freight - Viable: T-120
  • Ground - Freight - Efficient: Mammoth
  • Viable, Efficient, and Luxury - Vehicles
  • Car, Limo, Sports Car
  • Truck, Double Semi,

To Discuss

  • Licenses (Personal, Commercial, Truck, Mammoth, Aircraft, Spacecraft, ratings?) (Min hours or reputation + fees + checkride + written?)
  • Vehicle Upgrades
  • Simulator


  1. What do you enjoy doing most in Rise?
  2. What moments make you proud?
  3. What moments frustrate you?
  4. What moments do you look forward to?
  5. How much of Rise do you spend flying?
  6. What do you like most about flying?
  7. What do you like least about flying?
  8. What can you do to harm another player indirectly?
  9. What can you do to harm another player directly?
  10. Practically what reason do you see for purchasing an Wanderer or Prowler?

Discussed 6/26/2018

  • External threats PvE expansion later pirates/aliens, PvP expansion for combat
  • Adjusting cost of things on the server to relate more to game play hours to make it achievable
  • Ghost town teardown and reclaimation?
  • Fines for ATC violations
  • Colony runways!
  • Cars hearing other cars music bandpass
  • Possibility of our own radio station and DJ jobs like in second life?

Next Meeting

  • Define Core Gameplay phases

Future Meetings

  • Phases breakdown structure of each phase