P-13 Prowler

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The P-13 Prowler is the first and only Patrol series aerospace vehicle. It was primarily marketed for military and private security.

The P-13 is a VTOL-capable hybrid spacecraft and aircraft, in so far as it has conventional flight surfaces but is also capable of ascending beyond the atmosphere, maneuvering in orbit and re-entering under its own power.

It is faster and more agile than the E-10 but has significantly lower carrying capacity. Combined with its very high price of 8,200,551 CR when new and lack of second hand availability, it is seen more as a toy for the mega-rich than a genuinely useful utility vehicle.


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  • Weapon mounts: 2
  • Cargo bays: 0
  • Internal cargo hold capacity: 1 MT
  • Passenger capacity: 3
  • Max acceleration (fully fueled and loaded): 20 m/s
  • Max fuel load: 18,182 kg
  • Empty weight: 62,647 kg

Standard Equipment

P-13 flight review

Below 118m/sec IAS: crisp and responsive in all 3 axis 
Above 120m/sec IAS: the pitch control stops working the nose drops. This 
can be counteracted with vertical thrusters.
Above 125 m/sec IAS: the yaw begins to oscillate when entering a turn,
and though thrusting upward will help a little, you will be forced to make 
successive, alternating S-turns in order to keep to a straight line.

Solution: the thrust augmentation needs to stay on all the time, or the
throttle needs to be nerfed to keep speed under 117m/sec IAS

The ship appears to dock on the light bar area.
The docking port is at the rear of the ship. 

Although well placed the HUD is small and too transparent, in bright
light, such as above the clouds in daylight, the data all but disappears.
The rest of the instruments are still being finished. 

The transit menus are set up to cancel on a 0 so it is not possible 
to load passengers to a 0 pods using the number strip at the top of the
keyboard. You may wish to attempt using the numeric keypad.

Version History

Id Category Severity Status Updated Summary
0000546 Vehicles trivial acknowledged (lambert) 2019-04-25 P-13 (Exterior) - remastering project
0000547 Cockpits tweak acknowledged (lambert) 2019-04-25 P-13 (Interior) - remastering project
0000550 Vehicles trivial acknowledged (lambert) 2019-04-25 P-13 (Light Bar) - remastering project

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