Transport Passengers

From Rise: The Vieneo Province

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A fun and easy way to make money in the universe is to transport passengers. There are always newly arrived colonists in the transit district of Deois that need a ride to other locations within the city.

Most of the traffic is isolated between Easydock and the capital city of Deois. You may need a passenger PODS which has accomodations (passenger service units, proper seating and restrants, environmental systems, gravity generators, etc). Some vehicles will also allow you to place passengers in the crew cabin, such as the C-2 Dasher that you start with.

Trips to and from the surface can be done in an hour or less once you are a seasoned pilot. If it takes an excessive amount of time, your passengers will not be required to pay you under United Stellar Republic law.

If you log off with passengers in vehicles or PODS that are under your control (or ownership in some cases) those passengers can only survive without food and water for a few days.