From Rise: The Vieneo Province

A waypoint is a reference point in physical space used for purposes of navigation.

These can be entered manually into the Waypoint Manager.

Click the "Waypoint Management Icon"
There you will see your saved waypoints if you have none you will only see "Unused Slot"
You can now Mark the current location.
To Save the Waypoint click on the name and Type a new name.
To manually a location click the enter Icon and you can type the N/S and the E/W using latitude and longitude coordinates OR APN Number of the Plot


rana's Deois Farm 2 can be entered by typing
S04.036 W026.000
APN 35603137

To save the waypoint "Rename" it

Then you can Activate any saved Waypoint.

Buildings and locations inside the city are small. It really is important to use the Lat long way since these buildings are not 2km square plots like the colonies

Caution.png Manually entered waypoints will be placed at 0 km MSL.

Scanned Objects

You can Scan a Ship or PODS and drag the scanned item to the waypoints and it becomes the Unused Slot item.
it can be saved by renaming it also.
useful if you find an abandoned ship or pods you want to come back for later.