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A typical mining colony
We recommend that you first have a farm producing food to feed your workers. 

A mine removes the resources contained within a plot for you to use or sale. The higher the survey concentration is, the better the production once you are finished building. A plot that has trace as a survey value will often not be worth the effort to build on.

Mining Basics

  • Extraction
    • Ore is the raw material that is extracted from the ground and heads to separation
  • Separation
    • This is the process where the raw ore that was extracted is separated into 4 buckets
      • Grade A - these are rare materials like precious metals or gems
      • Grade C - these are common materials like iron, aluminum, or silicon
      • Fuel Ore - contains fuel which can be further refined to produce Iagreous
      • Tailings - worthless waste material byproduct
  • Obliteration
    • Uses a fusion process to remove tailings from accumulating and produce electrical power

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