T-19 Stratomaster

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T-19 Stratomaster

The T-19 Stratomaster is the second in the line of the Transport series of aircraft, capable of carrying one cargo PODS or small vehicle.
It is effectively the aerial equivalent of the T-120 Steerhead.
It is the cheapest way for new players to get into the air, with the rental fare from Rusty's Rentals (182 CR) easily earned with one day's work doing taxi runs.


  • Manufacturer: Trimbal-Kneers Aerospace
  • Cargo bays: 1
  • Cargo stowage: 1 MT
  • Weapon mounts: 0
  • Bypass ratio: 50%
  • Engine critical altitude: 12 km MSL
  • Service ceiling: 20 km (±0.5km depending on pressure vessel maintenance consult owners manual for more)
  • Max fuel load: 9,090 kg
  • Empty weight: 12,570 kg
  • Max takeoff weight: 39,570 kg

Standard Features

  • Retractable Landing Gear
  • Trailing edge blown flaps
  • Ground Lift Dump (Spoilers)
  • GPWS
  • 320 km LRS
  • MSRP: 9,028,552 CR


  • Length: 31.7 m
  • Wingspan: 30.0 m
  • Height: 11.3 m

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