E-10 Saint

From Rise: The Vieneo Province

The E-10 Saint model is no longer in production. For current production line please visit E-11 Saint.


E-10 Saint Class

The official blurb: "The E-10 Saint is the flagship of the fleet. Although she is sluggish, she can take you all the way to orbit and beyond. With room for over 100 MT of cargo in her hold and standard VTOL she has all the flexibility you are looking for (if you can get past the sticker price)."

The E-10 is the first of the Explorer line of aerospace vehicles.

The E-10 is a VTOL-capable aerospace vehicle, in so far as it has conventional flight surfaces but is also capable of ascending beyond the atmosphere, maneuvering in orbit and re-entering under its own power.

The E-10 is the second cheapest aerospace vehicle available, with second-hand vessels selling for around 967,000 CR on vBay. It may be considered effectively the cheapest, as it is very uncommon to find P-13 on vBay. It also currently has the largest cargo capacity of any vehicle available on Vieneo, and as a result is by far the most popular.




  • Maximum Speed (@MSL): 145 m/s
  • Cruising Speed (@15 km): 369 m/s
  • Service Ceiling: Indefinite (capable of reaching escape velocity)
  • Normal Range: Indefinite (capable of reaching orbit)
  • Thrust: 2,746,358 N


  • Manufacturer: Trimbal-Kneers Aerospace
  • Weapon mounts: 2
  • Engines: 3
  • Cargo bays: 6
  • Internal cargo hold capacity (Bay 0): 7 MT
  • Max acceleration: Depends a lot on the weight. Fully loaded and fueled 1.010 G
  • Recommended Retail Price: 9,964,265 CR
C-17 compared with the E-10


  • Wing span: 48.75 m
  • Length: 48.75 m
  • Height (with gear): 14.88 m
  • Effective Wing Area: 341 m2


  • Empty (BOW): 125,909 kg
  • Fuel: 27,273 kg
  • Payload: 112,273 kg
  • Maximum Gross: 238,182 kg

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